I wish I looked like Rinoa, but really I’m Selphie

This is the first morning in a very long time that I’ve been awake (coherently) before 10:30 am. What a strange feeling. I would like a cup of tea though, maybe I’ll go get one on my break at 11:00.

My mom is supposed to be here either tomorrow evening or Wednesday for the day. I’m still considering whether or not I should take a ‘mental health day’ on Wednesday to spend with her. I really want to, and I think it’s worth it, but I don’t want to screw my pseudo-budget up, it’s already precarious enough.

I have Selphie hair today. My hair does this for some reason. Jay thinks it’s cute. (if you’re wondering, Selphie is a character from Final Fantasy VIII – I have some of her personality traits, as well as her hair, but I don’t have those lovely green eyes…) Ideally I would like Rinoa’s hair… but somehow I don’t think that’ll happen.

I’m not allowed to have the window open at work anymore, now that the air conditioning is on. It kinda sucks, I like the outside air, it combats the staleness of the air in here. Nothing I can do about that though.