Clothing shortage of sorts

Afternoon break. Still no tea. I wonder if I can convince Jay to have a tea waiting for me when I get home? 🙂

They turned off the air conditioning, it got comfortable in here again, so I opened my window. I can only have the window open when a/c is off. Something about ‘defeating the purpose of having air conditioning’ or something. Whatever.

These jeans have holes in them. That means I have one pair of jeans left with no holes in them – the black ones that are a few sizes too big which I wear a belt with. These ones I’m wearing right now (with the brand new holes in them) were given to me in 1995 by my then-boyfriend’s mother, so I guess they’ve lived long enough. Yes, I can trace the lineage of every article of clothing I own. My CFRL t-shirt was bought at Fanshawe College through the Radio Broadcasting program. My mom got my shoes for me when I visited her in Vancouver last year, same with the socks. I bought my bra in kitchener last summer. I can’t remember which underwear I’m wearing though.

All that rambling, just so I can say “I need more jeans.”


  • happypage

    May 15, 2000 at 12:26 pm

    clothes lineage

    Guys are notorious for becoming attached to clothes and never wanting to get rid of them, no matter how trashed they become. I’m only guilty of that with some band t-shirts that hold special significance for me. As they get older, I try to wear them less so that they’ll live longer. Other stuff, likes socks, jeans, etc. get either trashed or put in the “grubbies” pile when they start falling apart.

    BUT, a couple of weeks ago, the laundry was piling up, and I was having to scrounge for clean clothes. I found a pair of boxer shorts that my gf gave me when I was a senior in high school (this was 11 years ago!!!) They weren’t in too bad of shape, and the fact that the elastic was all but dead meant that I could actually wear them (I’m a couple pounds heavier now than when I graduated.) Scary, huh?

    Ramble, ramble, ramble…. HI JENNYLEE!

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      May 15, 2000 at 1:05 pm

      Re: clothes lineage

      hehehe my ‘other’ pair of torn jean belonged to my younger brother when he was in public school before they belonged to me. He gave them to me in 1993. I don’t know how many years he had been wearing them by then. 😉