I have opinions, but I don’t think I’ll share them

Isn’t it lunchtime yet? fneu. I need food. I hate skipping breakfast, but I’ve been doing it for my entire life.

I had a sudden craving to go to Disneyland. I’ve never been there. I think I can trace the beginning of this desire to reading Carly’s journal over at Sins… she just came back from a Disneyland vacation. It sounds like great fun.

I can’t plug the site IhaveaSecret.com enough. It’s such a great site. It’s a touch slow loading at the moment, but it’s worth it, honest! There are some great people & discussions in the forums.

I was reading a discussion about gun control on a Gaming site’s forum, and discovered that I actually had an opinion. I’m not going to share said opinion, but I’m just going to be satisfied with the knowledge that I have one for a change.