Stronger than I think, I guess

Friday morning before the Long Weekend (Hoorah for May 2-4.) I’m having tea (earl grey, hot,) & a bagel. 3/4 of the staff here at work didn’t show up. I wonder if they realize that, in order to be paid for the Holiday, they have to work the day before & after it…. Oh well, not my problem, I’m here.

So, I got through the day yesterday and withstood the desire to play with knives. Yay. All the time I spent playing with knives a few years ago, and I only ended up with one little scar. Weird. Anyhow, I went home last night, Jay had a tea waiting for me, and he spent some time with me, which was nice. I didn’t even boot the computer up, I just zoned out to some television. We went for a walk around 11pm, to go to the drug store for some calamine lotion (for those bug bites) and advil. It was nicer out last night than it is today, it’s damn cold today.

Not feeling overly sociable today, I don’t think.