Tell me all the things I wasn’t would have made this big a difference

Someone over in the Secret Land forums (I spend a lot of time floating around forums…) said something about sitting down and making a list of all the things you aren’t. I don’t think he was talking to me at the time, but I’ve been half-thinking about the idea for the past day or so. My initial reaction was, ‘well, it’s a lot easier to list the things I’m not than the things that I am…’ but now that I’ve thought more about it, I’m not so sure. There are plenty of things that I’m not, being general or specific… in fact, there are an unlimited number of things that I am not. How do you list something like that? It would almost be easier to list what I am and then put a statement at the end of it saying “and the rest of everything, I’m not…”

Except, knowing me, I’d want to start of my list of what I am with the statement, “Without limiting the generality of the foregoing…”

The whole concept put me in mind of a Grapes Of Wrath song, All The Things I Wasn’t – this song was almost my life, once upon a time. How things have changed…