Moving forward on the apartment hunt

Had my bath. It was less than satisfying. I think it’s because of the bugs thing. All my bites started itching once I got in the bathtub, probably because it washed all the calamine lotion off. So, I put some calamine in the tub. Didn’t seem to help, and I developed a headache while in there. I’ll have a tea and feel better.

I gave Jay two numbers to phone about apartments, and asked him to do that while I’m at work tomorrow. I hope he does, I really do. I’m half-convinced that people don’t like talking to females on the phone about apartments, and I don’t know why… just a feeling. I hate trying to find a place, I like actually knowing I’m moving and planning it and all that. I don’t want to give notice until we find a place, and I want to move by August – that means we have to find a place before June 1st, to give our 60 days notice. *Crossing my fingers that Jay remembers to call* If he doesn’t, I’ll do it myself. I just wish I didn’t feel like I have to.