A very small Marigold get together

Hmm. If you start to use this Journal program to type something in, then minimize it, it deletes what you typed. blasted thing. I had a couple of paragraphs in here.

*sigh* Oh well, starting over.

So. Today I went out for a Marigold get together… except only three of us showed up. We even planned it for the west end, so that the people who were complaining about us always having them in the east end wouldn’t have a reason to not show up… but they still didn’t show up. Granted, a couple of people had perfectly good reasons for not coming this weekend, but a lot of people didn’t even reply. Well, Cyn, Gilgamesh & I had great fun drinking coffee and discussing surreal topics.

Gilgamesh is a very interesting individual, cyn & I like just letting him talk for a while, because he always has something interesting to say. I did, occasionally, feel a bit out of my league conversationally though. I never think of good things to say during a conversation… just after one is long over.

My friend Phil dropped by to say hi… it was nice to see him. I’ve missed him. The four of us went out to dinner at Tortilla Flats. Afterwards, I went to cyn’s place (where we commented on how damn cute Phil is, with those eyes…) Cyn cut my hair (well, trimmed it really) and we went on cam and chatted in irc. I then went home on the streetcar. Jay missed me while I was out today. He’s being very cuddly right now, asking me how long I’m going to be on my puter.

Okay, there’s plenty more I need to update on… but not right now. I’ve been neglecting my boy today. Til later….