Counter-strike politics are irritating

Thinking about working on my article… haven’t had the ambition to do so, lately. *shrug* I never have the ambition to do it until I actually start doing it. I guess that’s a telling point.

I’m getting close to my self-imposed deadline though… I seem to work best with a deadline of some kind. fneu.

Drinking some Mountain Dew. I learned just over a year ago that american mountain dew has caffiene in it… but Canadian doesn’t. No clear pops in canada have caffiene in them. I guess there’s some law somewhere that forbids it… works for me, though, since caffiene in any form besides Tea gives me a nasty headache and makes me freaky-hyper for about 3 hours, then makes me crash.

My counterstrike clan has a scrim against another clan tonight at 10. I’m looking forward to it, but the internal politics of the clan got annoying this past week… one guy quit, then came back, and no one can figure out what was bugging him in the first place, besides a little immaturity… but it IS a game, it’s not like it’s a workplace or something. Whatever, I don’t understand it all, I’m just in the clan because I like playing with the people in it… I don’t get politics. If it gets too stupid, I’ll just leave too, I guess. fneu again.


  • Anonymous

    May 4, 2000 at 6:11 pm


    you rawk! go journal girl go!

  • mithoviel

    May 8, 2000 at 3:40 am

    Caffeine Free Mountain DOH!!!!!!!!

    Being privileged to the *ahem* elite freeworld capitalist culture of the U.S., I am capable of purchasing troves of the caffinated bliss bottled at the peaks of Eden-like Mt. Dew. However, I prefer the caffeine-free variety of this drink of the gods due to it’s not so sickenly sweet flavor and the obvious fact that it has no caffeine. I need more caffeine in my diet about as much as I need a frontal lobotomy. I keep writing the company and proposing a new mountiain dew product: Mountain Dew…NEW and improved with Valium! Seems like a good idea to me, but I don’t think they agree. Hmmmmmm….I’m rambling. I guess I better go feed the servers and turn on the monitors right side up again. =)

  • samuraipunch

    May 14, 2000 at 5:08 pm


    Hehe internal politics… hehe I’m not going to say too much about that cause you should know where it got me… Sad to say that offering a different point of view and some suggestions did what it did. I dont really care what sort of spin you put on it, because I dont care about it anymore.

    The politics of the game has changed so much since i started playing… It used to be for fun… alot of gamers have forgotten that, and let egos grow, to take the place of friends i once had that i would play w/ for hours on end. THose were the good days, the days i miss… It’s no wonder why something that consumed so much of my time no longer interests me. I’m glad that i don’t have an ego about the game, and play to play. Heh i cant even play more than half an hour now before i get disgusted, and feel naseous. Heh maybe the rest of [JwG] will realize this… maybe they won’t but i have the utmost respect for those that have, and can put the things that happened aside.