Gaming and writing

Clan match is still going, but I left early – the other team had some people who had to go, so the teams were uneven. I played pretty well though. I took a screenie of it to put up on our clan website… I played well for me, but I’m nowhere near as good as my boyfriend Jay or most of the rest of my clan. I have fun though, so it doesn’t matter too much most of the time… except when I get in that “I suck and wish I was actually good at this game, damnit!” kind of mood.

Anyhow, I’m now trying to work on my article. It has to be done by tomorrow morning sometime, so I can send it out in the early afternoon. At least I’ve got an idea this week, last week I was up til 3am on thursday night before I even figured out what to write about (and that article got me mention on Slashdot!! I felt like such a geek! It was great!)

In other news. I want to move. Very very much. However, I’ll rant about that on another day, because I should be working on my article and not rambling here.