Signing away moral rights makes me uncomfortable


The company I work for wants us to sign this contract of employment. standard issue for a workplace, but this one is really poorly worded. Most of us (who studied contracts back in College) are a little bit nervous about signing it, because of the ‘moral rights’ bit – never EVER sign away your moral rights. It’s just a bad idea. Basically, all it means is that anything you create for the company, they can use, which makes sense – but when you sign away your moral rights you give up your right to say “I don’t want my work to be used in this way” if you object to what they want to use it for. Let’s say, for an example, you support one movement, and the company is working with something that goes against your beliefs, and then they want to use your work for the benenfit of this thing that you don’t believe in… [sorry, that’s my jello-brain muddling this up]… you have signed away your right to say that you don’t want the work used for that purpose. Never sign away your moral rights. I could explain this better if I thought it out, but I don’t feel like it.

Anyhow, I’m supposed to sign this today. I don’t feel right signing anything this poorly written. It’s unclear on too much. If I don’t sign it and they fire me, I could sue them, but that’d be expensive & time-consuming and I’d be without work. They didn’t give us the option to sit down and discuss this contract, they just handed it to us and said ‘sign here.’ Something’s just no right with that. fneu.