Seeing friends and family

Hmm. I’m not really convinced that anyone reads this. Oh well, I’m indulging myself.

Headache finally went away. I’m going to Niagara Falls (Canada side) tomorrow to meet up with a couple of net friends and spend the day. It’s going to be a blast, now that it’s all come together. Yay! I’m bringing the cameras with me!

The article is still in pieces… I think it’s pretty much all there, it’s just not together… there’s no flow to it. I just can’t concentrate today at all.

My mom’s coming to visit next week!!! Or at least, she’s supposed to. She lives in Vancouver, so I don’t see her anywhere near often enough (I really really really Like my mom, and miss her a whole lot.) I love Toronto, I think it’s a great city, but sometimes it’s just hard to be so far away from anyone I’m related to… I’d like to be able to go out and have tea with mom, or do some weekend dinner thing, or go shopping together, or whatever. No one visits me in Toronto, which is okay, for the most part, except that I feel isolated sometimes. Having Jay around is great, but that doesn’t make me not miss my mom.

I should go put my stuff together for tomorrow, just to make sure I don’t forget anything. Bus goes out at 10:30 am, I won’t be back until Sunday evening or so. It’ll be great fun!