Needed: new apartment

Considering how much sleep I got last night (was in bed by 10pm) I’m surprised at how sleepy I am today. I’m not happy with my latest article, not at all, but the migraine last week just wasn’t conducive to creativity.

I had an Oh! Henry bar for lunch today. Would’ve had more, but too tired to try and find something – I would’ve had to have gone to a bank machine first. We actually had leftover pizza last night that I was going to bring, except that it was left on the couch last night when I passed out, and the annoying bugs that share the apartment with us found it (ants… ick.) So I threw it out this morning, highly annoyed and disappointed. Gotta love my healthy diet. could explain my lack of energy too. Go figure.

It’s a blah day today. I don’t know if that’s because it’s monday, or because the day started off bad with the whole pizza thing, or what. I think we’re going to do laundry tonight. Jay doesn’t know this yet. Oh wait… I have to go to the bank & drop off my film for developing tonight. damn.

I hate my apartment. I hate that it’s too small, I hate that there’s a hole in the wall that bugs crawl through, and a hole in the door that bugs fly through, and three very tiny windows that don’t let air or light in. I hate that it’s too small for one person to live in comfortably, let alone 2 people & 2 cats. I hate tripping over shoes, clothes, furniture, cats, people. I hate that I walk into the corner of my desk at least once a week, giving me a massively huge bruise in the same spot every time. I hate that the air is stale. I hate that we can’t invite people over because there’s nowhere for them to stand, let alone sit down. I hate The Kitchen: The fridge is inside what should be a closet nook at the front door. The kitchen is a corner of the apartment. There is no room to do anything. I can’t reach anything in the cupboards, they are too tall. The fridge also freezes everything we put in it, and can’t be turned down.

The good points about my apartment are as follows.

Location: extremely close to the beach & boardwalk, and right on Queen Street proper, with a streetcar stop pretty much outside the front door.
The Back yard: maintained by the people in the apartment next to us, it’s a lovely garden / stone patio area, that we can enjoy without having to work for. There are squirrels (no moose), racoons, and cats galore who come to visit. Our door opens onto the back yard, we don’t have a door that goes to the inside of the apartment building. (this apt. was an afterthought – I think it used to be a utility room, there’s a drainhole in the middle of the floor under the carpet.)
Price: (comparative to other apt.’s in the neighbourhood) – pretty good, for the area. Unreasonably expensive otherwise.

I want to move. I don’t even care if we stay in the neighbourhood anymore… I just want to move. It’s too much for me to deal with anymore, and I hate trying to keep the place clean when there’s nowhere to put anything except for all over the floor. There is more I hate about the apartment, but I won’t rant anymore here. I’m just so frustrated & sick of everything. bleah.

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  • johnboze

    May 8, 2000 at 3:28 pm

    Apartment Living Blows

    We had a recurring ant problem and we couldn’t stand listening to an endless stream of people tromp around on the stairs oustide and apartment overhead. The laundry room was always a mess and people would leave their stuff in ther for days. It also sucked that people would wash things in there that should have peen prewashed or handwashed (three words: potty training accident). finally we got fed up and found a low-interest housing loan program, cashed in some savings bonds, and bought a house.