Thunderstorms thwarted our movie plans

Well, we were going to go see a movie last night. We even invited a couple of friends along, who made the trip all the way out here from their place to go with us. We had decided on going to see gladiator, since Battlefield Earth got completely ripped apart by anyone who reviewed it… never saw a review higher than 2/5, actually. Anyhow, we were going to go to the late show, but when our friends m0irey & Laquira got here there was a thunderstorm going on. We decided to try to go out anyhow.

After waiting under an overhang at the chocolate shop next door for ten minutes or so, hoping the rain would let up enough so we could get to the streetcar stop (and watching 3 taxis ignore our frantic waving) we decided to make a break for the store (and the streetcar stop.) It took us 30 seconds to run there. By the time we got there, all of us were soaked through to the skin. It was raining really hard.

We waited in the store for another 10 minutes for a streetcar to arrive… then looked at the clock and decided that we’d never make the movie on time in this rain. A streetcar finally went by, but it was out of service (bastid.) So we ran back up towards our apartment and went to the bar across the street from us, where we spent the evening chatting, laughing, drying off and drinking Strongbow cider, while reading one of those ‘Glamour’ magazine surveys for men and wondering why people read that crud. Laquira & I are not girly girls, we decided, since we just don’t get the glamour mag thing. Whatever.

It thunderstormed all night last night. The cats were idiots and wanted to stay out in it. *shrug*

today, Jay & I are planning on cleaning up and doing some laundry. We might do the laundry tomorrow, depending on how we’re feeling after we clean up. Jay’s playing CounterStrike right now, I’m thinking about joining him before we do the cleaning thing. It’s still damp & Overcast outside. And I should get dressed and get out of my housecoat.