A few scattered thoughts on a blah day

Blah kind of day. Still trying to get some cleaning done. I hate dishes. I beyond hate dishes. I need a dishwasher. However, there is no room in this place for such an item. That’s okay, I can’t afford one anyhow.

We are really looking at getting a new place. We figured out how much we can afford a month and stuff, looks like it’ll be a 1 bedroom if we stay in this neighbourhood. I miss having doors, rooms, etc. But hey, I’ll be patient, really.

My left eye hurts. I can’t find my eyedrops though. The cats stole them a few weeks ago, haven’t been able to locate them since. Evil cats. Sera is outside, acting like she wants in. I’ll bet if I go to the door, she’ll just run away, she likes that game. Dayle plays it more often though. I took some more pictures, they’re going to be developed by tuesday. If there’s anything worth putting up, I’ll scan them.

Clan match tonight. I haven’t even played Counterstrike in over a week, so I’ll probably be less than good (I occasionally manage to be good… not often though.) I have a craving for barbeque’d steak. What can you do?