Planning to not plan with the mom

Hrm. I should be getting some work done. Talked to my mom tonight, she might be down tomorrow night, if the car gets fixed in time. She won’t make any plans, though, since she doesn’t know for sure if/when she’ll get here. I’ve pretty much decided to take Wednesday off, it’s not like there’s that much work to do this week since half our staff seems to be on vacation, and the computers aren’t working right. The idea was to go out on Merv (my mom’s hubby)’s brother’s sailboat for the day, but it’s supposed to thunderstorm wednesday, so that might not be the best plan. I’d rather not capsize, even if it is a big boat.

Jay’s telling me what to write now. 🙂 “Write about your Breasts, dear. And by the way, d’you like the new ‘circular’ photo of JennyLee there?” Yes. He made it for me, because I asked him to. Yay! 🙂 I am so rambling. Must be bored.