Musical discovery time

I’m digitizing a song at work (that’s what I do, I make mp3’s all day,) that I’m discovering I like. It’s by Sister Hazel, and the only other song of theirs I know is their cover of Gold Dust Woman on the Tribute to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours CD (which I own.) I’ve got the pre-release for Sister Hazel’s new CD here for my work’s website, and I listened to the first single, Change Your Mind. I really like it, both the words and the production & sound of it. I think I have to listen to the rest of the CD now, see if it’s worth buying.

The chorus for Change Your Mind is basically, “If you want to be someone else, change your mind.” Simple… but it makes sense, and it’s true. It’s all a decision, if you don’t like something you have to change it. It does happen, it can happen, it has happened.