Being someone else

Saturday, long weekend. Yay. 🙂 Jay & I went to Bill’s (aka Lakeview Fish & Chips, run by Bill & his wife Peggy, where we walk in and they bring us a tea & coffee by the time we’ve sat down…) for a late breakfast. We both slept in today. I was up late playing CS with some of my clan, except that they didn’t know I was there, since I was playing incognito. Sometimes I just need to step outside my role and let things happen. I played better last night as someone other than Zith.

I think the dragon is coming out this week. That’s what I’ve decided, anyhow. The helpless maiden can be meek and quiet for a while.

It’s weird to look at some of my old poetry & writing, to see where I’ve been and how I’ve looked at situations. Lots of things have changed and evolved, some things are stronger parts of me, some things have receded into memory. I’m glad I have a chronicle of the past few years.