My sister seems pretty cool

It’s rainy today. It’s nice though, I’ve always liked the rain, especially when it’s not too cold out.

Jay & I are planning to see Mission: Impossible 2 tomorrow night. Nothing like a good John Woo explosion or two to end a workday… I still think the boat scene in Face/Off was way too long though… I kept thinking, “isn’t it done yet??” as it kept going, and going, and going, much like the energizer bunny.

My sister phoned last night – the one who lives in New Zealand. I looked at my call display when the phone rang, and it had an Ottawa phone number that I recognized on it, so I picked it up – and there was my sister! She was saying, a few months ago, that she wanted to come back to Canada for a Wedding in June, but she didn’t think she’d be able to afford it, so I just put it out of my mind and forgot about it. Well, she called last night from Ottawa to ask for a place to crash for a couple of nights, here in Toronto. I told her she could have my hide-a-bed. That means 3 people in an extremely small space designed for one, plus two cats… but it’s only for a couple of days, and I really want to see her.

I don’t know my sister very well. She’s five years older than me (which makes her 28 or so, I think,) and although she lived in the same house as I did growing up, I rarely saw her. When she was in high school, I was too young for her to want anything to do with me… I was a kid, after all. I think we finally started having occasional conversations when she was in University and I was in later years of High School. By the time I got to College, she was planning and going on her 9 month trip to Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji.

I’ve always envied her ability to save money, and to decide to do something and just do it… it seems I always have to think something through completely, looking at as many possible outcomes and side-effects that I can think of. She takes risks, she goes out and does things because she wants to, and for years it seemed like nothing was going to tie her down, ever. I think I put her up on a pedastal when I was a little kid, (I can remember wanting to be just like her when I was 6 years old) and I still see her that way now, to some extent. It would be really nice to get to know her though. I wouldn’t want to be on a pedestal, I’ve been there before, and it’s cold and lonely.

I want to know the person who is my sister, rather than the stranger who I always idolized from afar because she seemed so unapproachable. It’s hard to do when she lives so far away, though. New Zealand is definitely not close, it’s not even easy to phone her there – I’m not good at phones anyhow, I can never think of anything to say. She has a net connection, but it’s on an old computer (486 *shudder*), and with the 19 hour (or so) timezone difference it’s hard to find her online.

I’m looking forward to seeing her.