Feel like I’m in this alone sometimes

When you want something done right… (you know the rest…)

So, I phoned the potential apartments tonight. We’re going to look at one of them on Saturday, and the other landlord is going to find out if her tenants are willing to let us take a look at their unit this weekend, or Monday evening.

I guess what frustrates me the most with this is that Jay said he would call, but didn’t. If he had just said in the first place that the reason he didn’t want to call was because he doesn’t like talking to people on the phone, I would have understood that. Hell, I couldn’t talk to people on the phone for years, until it reached a point that I had no choice – I had to do things on my own, no one else was going to do it for me. Oh well, at least I’ve looked for an apartment in this city before, so I know what to look for, and how to talk to people. It helps that we’re looking in the same neighbourhood that we live in – The beaches is a sort of ‘in’ neighbourhood, very cozy, almost small-town in the big city kind of thing. Both buildings we’re going to look at are really nice, I’ve walked past them a few hundred times and admired them. Parking isn’t included, but since we don’t have a car, that’s not an issue… and we like it that way.

Anyhow, we’re on our way. These places are available earlier than we need them, but we might want to look anyhow. *sigh* I wish I had given notice earlier, then we would be moving in by now. Whatever, we’ll deal with things as they come. There goes that dream of having someone who will take care of me and do everything for me…. bah, I would’ve hated that anyhow, been there, done that, hated it. Jay & I take care of each other, in different ways… it’s just strange that I’m the one who is doing the things that I was terrified of just a couple of years ago.