Looking at apartments

On the apartment topic… Jay & I went to see a place yesterday. It was okay, but they want to have someone in it by July 1st (we’re aiming for august 1st, since we haven’t yet given notice.) There weren’t any screens on the windows (which were old style windows,) so I’d be worried about the cats. For more information on why I would be worried about the cats around an open window, I suggest you read this. It was only the fourth floor, but that’s high enough to worry me.

Anyhow, we’re going to look at another place tomorrow night, in a building I’ve wanted to live in since I first started coming to this area of Toronto over two years ago. It’s got a fireplace & hardwood floors. It’s a really nice building with big windows, and I’d love to live there. Unfortunately, again, they want someone for the first of July. I realize that I’m a bit over-anxious to find a place and I shouldn’t really start looking at apartments until after the first of June, when people have given notice for August openings… but I really want to move, and know that I’ve found a place that we can live in. I’m impatient. Fneu.

I have more to say about yesterday, but it’s going to wait til tomorrow I think. Stay tuned, and all that jazz.