I only visit Niagara Falls when foreigners come to town

Pizza arrived, we ate it, it was good.

I finally got in touch with a friend who I’m supposed to be seeing this weekend. There’s a girl coming from Ohio and one from Sydney, we’re going to meet at Niagara falls, along with another friend from Hamilton Ont. I know the girl from Ohio already, we had a christmas together once. 🙂 Anyhow, this was planned months and months ago, but as the date got nearer, I still hadn’t heard anything from anyone about what was going on. I was getting really worried, so I emailed earlier this week. My one friend finally got back to me today, so Yay! 🙂 Hopefully I’m going to Niagara falls tomorrow, and coming back on Sunday. I have to look up bus schedules & such, and give my aunt a call to make sure I can stay at her place. I think I’ll leave tomorrow morning. Hopefully we won’t have any trouble connecting or anything… I’m really looking forward to it! These are friends I’ve had for years now, it’ll be great to finally meet the one I haven’t met yet. 🙂