I prefer actual English, please

Okay, maybe I’m a weirdo… I was just reading GoddessKring’s journal because I linked there from the anacam website. I can’t read Shannon Kring’s journal. It’s almost like trying to read 1337 (LEET= Elite) talk from Gamers. Using eye instead of I, talking in all caps for a while, leaving spaces shere there shouldn’t be… I’m a bit dyslexic to begin with, I sometimes have trouble reading normal text, but when things are written out all weird like that, I can read maybe one sentence, then my mind doesn’t recognize any more characters, and it all becomes a blur that gives me a headache. And I thought the 1337 talk was bad enough, at least I know that’s just kids trying to be cool.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but what happened to English? The most I do is on IRC I shorten words & phrases, like Be Back Later becomes bbl, and because turns into ‘cuz,’ since that’s how I say it anyhow. Am I ranting? I think I am.