Mission: Impossible II

Jay & I went out to see it tonight. I was thoroughly entertained throughout the whole thing.

First of all, they got the sex scene out of the way right off the top… well, after the initial plot setup and that whole cliff climbing thing right at the beginning… which, incidently, made me dizzy. Just watch Tom. He’s got a nice… umm… never mind. 😉

The film had John Woo written all over it… lots of great explosions, impressive high speed chase scenes, and slow motion shots when you just know it’s going to hurt. Nothing that slowed the pace, though, which was nice… I was unimpressed with the interminable boat chase scene he did in Face/Off, I thought it slowed the whole movie down (it just went on, and on,) but there was nothing like that in this film.

Tom Cruise was stunning. I’m biased though… I’ve had a crush on him since Legend, reinforced by Top Gun and Cocktail. He did a lot of his own stunts in this one (not the motorcycle stunts, I’ll bet you… they don’t insure stunt guys who do those kinds of things, and I’m quite certain that they wouldn’t risk Tom on that stuff.)

Plot-wise: pretty much what you expect from Mission:Impossible. Good guys vs. Bad Guys, Good guys win in the end… there are a lot of explosions used as a means to an end… plenty of action and beating up and so on. Some pretty special effects, and some good driving scenes. An action film, all the way.

I never got bored with it, I never felt like it was moving too slow, and I didn’t get the impression that anything was dragging on too long. It’s a good action film, with lots of eye candy, minimal nudity (I’m at a loss to remember seeing any at all, actually) and some good special effects. And Tom Cruise.

And now, I believe I shall go have a bath.