What a lovely day…

(please insert sarcasm where applicable)

Oh yes, today has started just splendidly. I’m at work, and when I arrived this morning I learned that the guy who works night shift at my desk has been switched to days. He’s been working here longer, which means that he gets to keep the desk. My desk. My spot by the window. My 15″ monitor. My nice tucked out of the way spot where no one ever bothered me, and no one could see me – where I could update my journal, or my UBB’s, or other various bulletin boards, without worrying that someone was going to get me in trouble.

I’m annoyed. The only reason I could tolerate the boredom here was because I had a few distractions that would keep my mind occupied when I was bored beyond belief. Now that I’ll probably be caught partaking of said distractions, I’ll probably go completely mental.

I’m very very dissatisfied. And now I feel terribly stressed over this… they changed my surroundings, this isn’t my cubicle, I was happy where I was, damnit! And there’s no way I could ever put my head down here and cry like I could back there – I’m in the middle of the open area of the room. I hate this.


  • eyean

    May 29, 2000 at 7:57 am

    stressed jenny. oh, poor you.

    cubicle. i think i wouldn’t be able to work on those now. we each have an office here. i had my wall knocked down so i can share the *bigger* room with our darling secretary. i need a large space, i am an island folk. i need a vast expanse of space. lol. now i get free snacks. our kenyan secretary is like a mother to us all. makes dishes for everyone, and i always get to have the choice cuts. heh.

    sigh. somehow livejournal takes a load off my back. you don’t want to learn what happened last weekend.

    uhm. now i’m firing up curiosity.

    cheers lass.

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      May 29, 2000 at 10:41 am

      😉 yes, the moment someone says “you don’t want to learn what happened last weekend…” it automatically makes them want to know. It’s the human condition we call curiousity… or perhaps just noseyness.

      • eyean

        May 30, 2000 at 5:57 am

        the weekend. it was bad. all i can say.

        damn toothache today.