Not supposed to cry at work…

I must remind myself not to read emails that have the potential to make me teary at my new desk. It’s wide open where anyone can see, and me sitting there trying to not cry just isn’t a good idea. People might ask me questions or something.

Had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine last night… it seems he has an idea for a project, and he wants me to be part of it. It’s a great idea, and I really want to help him out, and it’ll be great fun, and all that stuff. I’m not saying what it is though, Seeing as how it’s still a concept for now. We’ll likely start work on it next year. It’s pretty exciting though!

Must find something interesting to do with my life. I guess I’ll work on that later. Too many other thoughts to ponder right now.


  • eyean

    June 2, 2000 at 6:46 am

    go jenny go.

    bonjour lass.

  • happypage

    June 2, 2000 at 7:14 am

    so many secrets going around….


    Have a terrific Friday JennyLee!