Last night was a whole lot of fun. Much wine was had by Cyn & I, and many Whoppers were consumed. We were silly. My mom was listening, so I played her some Air Supply (since she gave me the CD) and Kenny Rogers. Cyn read some poetry. Unfortunately, spanky went out, and wasn’t around to hear either the song I learned just for him, and cyn didn’t read the poem that she brought over for him to hear. *sigh* Oh well, next time I guess. We want to do this at least once a week, it’s a lot of fun. 😉 We’ll have to come up with actual content to talk about though, maybe hook up another mic and get cables for my mixer, cuz that’d work better.

I went to sleep last night around midnight or so, then woke up at 2am thirsty as hell. I stumbed over to the fridge and drank have the bag of milk, then sat on the couch and fell back to sleep for an hour. I woke up, went back to bed, and slept there til morning (about 8am) and woke up feeling as though my ribs were bruised. We need to get a bigger bed.

m0irey wanted to go out and do something today. I think he’s going to call us. Tonight, however, I’m going to cyn’s place for a party. Look for me, because I’m such a ham, on cyn’s cam at I have a secret. I must acquire a webcam. Jay is not impressed with this idea. I will have one. Oh yes, I will have one.