The awesome apartment didn’t work out… sadness

Well, I’ve been playing on the new forums over at I have a Secret and they’re great fun. I’m hungry this morning though.

I put up my Episode I poster of anakin with Darth’s shadow today, on my cubicle wall. This cubicle is starting to look more like my space. I still want a curtain, but that’d probably go over like a lead balloon. Netscape just crashed on me. Stupid thing.

On the apartment front – I took a look at the place that I really loved last week – the sign is down, so I’m guessing one of the 3 other couples looking at it took the place. *sigh* I had an interesting reaction to that – initially, I got angry at Jay for not encouraging me to put in an application even though we couldn’t afford to move. Then I realized that this was a silly reaction (on second thought, let’s not go to camelot, tis a silly place…) and that I was just looking for someone else to blame. Honestly, I should have phoned my landlord a week ago, as was suggested to me, and put in the application for that place anyhow. That wouldn’t have guaranteed that we would have gotten it, but I wouldn’t feel like such a dimwit now for not going for it in the first place. It might have worked out then.

At any rate, it didn’t work out. I guess we’ll just keep looking. Maybe there’s something even more perfect for us.