Firing myself

I just watched Blade Runner (director’s cut.) I haven’t seen it since 1995 or so, and had forgotten most of it. It was good. I liked it. Walking back from getting the movie I was totally fading out though, it was weird. My balance is off tonight, and I was feeling woozy anyhow. I don’t get it, I feel fine for a while then just fade out. Maybe it’s because I was playing Street Spirit on the guitar earlier (okay, bad joke, I admit it… it’s 2am, I’m not really with it anymore.)

Blah. I’m a bad friend. I should be fired. I guess I’ll fire myself. That’s it, I’m fired.

My throat hurts.

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  • Anonymous

    June 11, 2000 at 12:33 am

    Ack! Guilt!

    Don’t feel guilty or I’ll have to fire myself, too