Sera the mighty huntress

Sera keeps catching birds and bringing them home to show us. We keep telling her that we appreciate the effort, and we really don’t need to learn how to hunt for ourselves, and thank you very much. And then I have to dispose of the poor bird’s body (Jay doesn’t like that part, so I do it. It’s no big deal to me. And yet I freak about spiders.)

Now she’s outside the door chasing moths. she doesn’t deem the moths worthy of bringing home to us… she just eats those.

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  • pen

    June 11, 2000 at 11:21 pm

    i’m pretty hopeless about this stuff. loveliest feline experience i’ve had was at a friend’s place. their cat killed a mouse and was thrashing it side-to-side from its tail, and it landed with a thud on my knee while i was playing poker. (i kept my composure though.) and forget killing pus-ridden cockroaches, let alone the monster flying ones. spiders only if they’re small.
    but i’ll clean soap-scummy hairs out of shower drains and such with no problem. so maybe it evens out 🙂