A big day out, and the 5th annual #Toronto toque party

We just got in from a whole day of ‘outness.’ It was good, and now I’m so tired…

Let’s see… I got up at 10am to go wandering down Queen East with my sister Karen and her friend Laurie. I bought myself the most comfortable pants ever, and they look really good on me, which totally rocks because I only have two pair of non-dress pants, and one of those is a pair of jeans with huge rips in the knees. So, since they were on sale, I tried them on, and when they fit perfectly I had to buy them, so I did. It was good.

We walked back, and Laurie took a picture of Karen and I together. I’ll put it up later, when I’m not half-asleep. Then Laurie had to drive Karen up to the airport so she can fly back to New Zealand. I was sad to see her go, we didn’t really have enough time to get to know each other.

I realized today that I can’t go to ottawa for this wedding I’ve been invited to (my cousin is getting married) – it’s the weekend of the Stardust Picnic. Nice excuse, eh? Really, I just don’t want to deal with them – I know I’ll hear about my not wanting to talk to the ex-father, or I’ll have to explain it, and the concept of explaining that to all of his sisters and their husbands and kids and so on is just too much for me to contemplate. If people want to see me, they can come here.

We went out to the computer store and picked up my USB thing – that means that my cam can be attached to my computer now. Woot! I’m happy about that. Jay & I met up with Mike & Emma of IRC #toronto (Undernet) and wandered around. Finally picked up Quake 3 Arena, which Jay is installing right now on his computer. Had dinner at mike & emma’s with them – Emma bbq’d us filet mignons. I was in heaven. mmmmmm steak……. I would make such a horrible vegetarian.

After dinner, Mike, Emma, Jay & I went out to the 5th annual #toronto Toque party. It was fun, Ozymandia & Huey were there, and Templier and Madness and Belli, and tater of course, and a bunch of other people. It was nice to see them again – I’ve been nervous lately about going to IRC Get Togethers, since I don’t want to have anything to do with potential scenes at them, and I certainly don’t want to have any of them revolving around me – which is a possibility, since I’ve seen it happen before. Long story, not worth going into.

After a while at the IRC party, Templier, Belli, Jay & I drove WAY up north to a karaoke bar I used to go to every week. I did one song (Voices Carry, by Til Tuesday) and messed it up a lot, but hey. I’m seriously out of practice. There were a bunch of old regulars there, and the host remembered me and everything. I think I’ll drag cyn out next time I go, Jay wasn’t too happy to be there (he got bored, and he’s not a big fan of the karaoke scene…) so I won’t subject him to it again. He was really good about it tonight.

We left for the subway at quarter after 1am or so. We figured that the subway would still be running southbound til 1:30 at least. After watching six trains go by with lights off and no passengers, we got suspicious, so we went up to ask the booth guy when the last train went south. He told us 1:18. We had just missed.the last one. We were annoyed and tired. We started to walk up the stairs, along with a woman and some other guy who had also just missed the train, when the other guy said, “are we all going south? Let’s split a cab.” So we did. It cost us 10$ to get from yonge/sheppard to yonge/King, where we caught a streetcar almost home.

I say almost home, because they’re doing construction on the tracks out here in the beach, so it’s a shuttle bus for the last bit of the trip. We decided to walk the rest of the way, about a half-hour walk or so. I’ve done more walking in the past three days than I’ve done all year combined, I think. All this windowshopping with Karen, then shopping for puter parts and games today, and walking along the beach, and walking home at 2:30 am with Jay…. My feet hurt. On the walk home, we had a few drive-by shoutings – people mocking us cuz we were being a ‘cute couple’ (I was cold, Jay was keeping me warm), and then one guy yelling out of a car “You’ve got a nice butt,” at me (or maybe jay??) and then his friend yelling out of the same car, “sorry, my friend’s drunk!” We had a couple other drive-by shoutings, but they were unintelligible. We ignored them, as I usually do. Drive-by shoutings don’t generally bother me, for some reason.

Anyhow, jay’s going to play Q3A, I’m going to finish my tea and go to sleep… it’s been a great day, and it feels like it’s been three days. Not long enough time with Karen though… maybe I’ll go visit her someday. Time for bed.

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  • Anonymous

    August 28, 2000 at 5:48 pm


    you got ‘shmeed.’ this is us silly Vancouverites’ term for those incoherent, late-night yodels out of cars, trucks, and various other moving vehicles. even if you’re fully dressed. I dunno. who would actually find sweats and a baseball hat vaguely hooker-ish?!
    decided I need a name for these responses… ‘jinx’ will do