Self-worth is a touchy subject

I’m questioning my worth again. Peachy.

Never heard back from the computer paper about my writing… no comments no emails, nothing. Even a note saying that they don’t want me to write anything for them right now would be good.

At work, I’m not as efficient as I used to be – partly because I haven’t had enough data entry people in a while, partly because I don’t really care anymore. Now I’m going to be doing the reception thing… and I’m afraid of phones. Good call there, JennyLee… The things I’ll do to alleviate boredom.

It smells like someone is heating up my lunch in the kitchen – hopefully that’s because someone else brought the same lunch as I did…

WomenGamers hasn’t yet posted the article I sent in on Friday. I know that it usually takes at least a day or two for them to post stuff of mine, but during every ‘wait period’ in there, I start to wonder if my articles are any good anymore… and I keep wishing I could come up with better, more interesting topics. I need more games.

What am I worth, anyhow? It must be more than this. I can’t live like this forever.