And the search goes on

Talked to the landlord tonight… He sounded rather upset that I don’t have a new place yet. I’m still looking, but there’s just nothing available. *sigh*

Also called about another place that will be available either Mid-July or Aug. 1st. It’s a 2 bedroom, and it’s just over 1000 a month inclusive. With the supplemental money that Jay is getting, and my regular income, we can carry that at least until he’s got another job, and then we’ll be able to carry it between the two of us anyhow, once he’s working.

I’m also trying to figure out how to get a better-paying, more interesting job where I work now. I’m still working an ‘entry level’ position, and I know I can do a whole lot more than that – now that they’ve got me doing reception relief and rewriting some stuff for them, they’re learning my worth – at least, that’s the idea. I just hope they decide I’m worth it.


I’m going to have a bath then go play counterstrike.

Or maybe the other way around. What time is our match tonight??