New apartment listings to check out

Well then. I couldn’t connect to livejournal all morning. Couldn’t post comments or anything. It was rather annoying.

I found some new listings in the newspaper online classifieds today. they were posted today, so hopefully the places aren’t gone yet. I sent the numbers to Jay, I’m hoping he calls them to ask whether they’re gone and if we can go look at them or whatever. I think he’s playing Quake again, though… I haven’t heard back from him yet. Get a boy a new game, and lose him for a week… *sigh*.

I’m drinking more SoBe Iced tea stuff. It’s good, it’s making me a touch hyper though. Well fneu then. I’m doing that reception relief thing today, too. It’s not so bad, just a bit nerve-wracking when the phone rings a few too many times at once. I lose track of a lot.

I hope Jay reads his email soon. I really would like it if he called these places. It’s his turn.

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  • eyean

    June 22, 2000 at 9:24 am

    i like the pesca th? froid… i’m staring at a bottle of blue raspberry, *cough*cough*… yeah…

    hey jay… pick up the phone and call miss jennylee…