Spider Crisis!!!!!

I was sitting here, lurking in IRC and talking to my mom on ICQ, when I see, coming down from the ceiling on an invisible piece of silken thread, a huge, scary spider. It looked creepier than most spiders, and it was big, and it was headed for my desk. I freaked, and jumped out of my chair back 4 feet. I watched as the spider crawled up my mic cable, onto my mic, all over my mic stand, and back onto my desk.

I sent Jay in to get it, but it ran away too fast. He lost it somewhere near my desk. I was not happy, but sat back down and kept an eye out for it, picking up the cat and holding her in my lap so that if I saw it again I could send her after it.

I saw it scurry across the floor, but it was hiding under some papers and I couldn’t show it to Sera. Then I saw it crawling on the wall behind my desk, but it disappeared again too quickly for me to do anything.

It showed up again a minute later, crawling on Jay’s computer across the room. He finally caught it, and now it’s gone. I feel creepy.