A normal day, but I’m still stressed

We had that meeting thing today, finally. I’m really worried about it though, since Jay doesn’t have anything to show for income, and my income is less than satisfactory. I hate that corporations base everything on your income. It really is a nice place, and we have the money for it, we just can’t prove it. I listed any freelance-type income I get, too, and Jay listed some freelance work that he’s done for people. I just hope that it’s enough. We’ll know by wednesday at the latest. Bleurgh. When we came out of the meeting thing, I had a really queasy stomach so we went to Bill’s for a cup of tea, some food, and entertainment (Bill is always entertaining… it’s nice being a regular at a restaurant.) The tea calmed my stomach & nerves a bit, but I still feel really stressed out. I should have lied about how much I make or something, except that I can’t prove it. I hate this.

Yesterday, when we finally got moving and stuff, was really good. (well, besides the waiting for the streetcar to get downtown, then waiting for the subway to show up, then waiting for the underground streetcar to show up, then waiting in the insanely huge line-up for the ferry to the island…) I’m really bad at waiting, especially when I feel like I’m already late. After the island picnic, a bunch of us went up north for Karaoke. It was fun, I got to sing a couple of times, I did songs I had never done before, the host, Jeff, made fun of me as always (he makes fun of everyone, that’s part of why he’s a good guest.) It was a Celine-free night… two people wanted to do the same celine dion song, and he had the rest of the bar vote on whether or not they wanted to hear it – (the titanic song) – the entire bar voted no, emphatically. One of the people who wanted to sing it stormed out angrily. I don’t think she’ll be back. I got a compliment on my singing on the way out, which was really nice. 🙂 Maybe later tonight I’ll put up Secret Society Radio, if I’m feeling less stressed, and play some Canadian music or something.

If the apartment people base our getting the place on income, I don’t think we’re going to get it. Maybe I should get a credit card again, and get myself a credit history. I have good credit with Long & McQuade – my guitar is, as of this month, officially paid off, and I have a balance of 0$ on my account there. I guess that means it’s time to go buy an amp! 😉

Taxes… must do taxes. Putting stuff in an envelope as soon as I’m done writing this out, and mailing it to my mom. My life needs to be fixed.