A busy weekend

I’ve got this bad taste in my mouth, and I’m drinking lots of water to try to get rid of it. I slept in this morning, but still managed to make it in to work on time… just like being in high school. It’s cold in here today, the air conditioning is making it really chilly.

I’m really sick of the song Ave Maria – I’ve digitized three versions of it in the past 2 days.

I was going to do my hair this weekend, except that there’s no way I’m doing it alone and cyn is going out of town for friday night/most of saturday. Sunday is Stardust. Friday night (oh, wait… that’s tonight…) I should do the radio show (cyn can’t do that either, I’m on my own this week again. She’s a busy girl! 😉 I should give Belli a call and ask if she’s super-busy this weekend. Ack, too much going on…

I’m getting together with a few people from the forums at I have a Secret on Saturday for dinner: Mini Secret-con in Toronto. It should be fun, I’m looking forward to it.

I haven’t mentioned this site yet, I don’t think. Toronto has been overrun by moose. Antlers are going missing. For more information visit Antler Watch. This kept me entertained last night.