A good day with friends

Well, today/yesterday/whatever was lots of fun. 🙂 I went to a BBQ that one of the people I work with had, but couldn’t stay longer than an hour and a half, since I had to run out to Queen West to meet up with Cyn, Mikhail and Daruba from I have a Secret. We did dinner at Tortilla flats, then wandered across Queen to Yonge, then wandered down & back up Yonge Street until about midnight. We paused to take in a discount book store, where I picked up the Douglas Coupland book Postcards from the Dead, and a compiled book of song lyrics – Rock ‘n Roll, The Famous Lyrics. Really, it’s a coffee table book, purchased under the assumption that I’m going to soon have a place big enough to warrant owning a coffee table. It’s neat, you just open it to a random page, and you’ll find a bunch of good or unique lyrics from songs or artists that you know. I can only imagine the copyright stuff that the publisher/editor had to go through to get permission to use all those lyrics though… But for some reason, with me, the lyrics are generally the parts of a song that I focus the most on.

Still going to Blue Rodeo tomorrow, likely by myself. It’ll be a fun day out though, I went by myself last year and really felt free to totally enjoy myself and not worry about whether or not the person I was with was having fun… there’s nothing worse than going to a concert by your favourite band, and having the person you’re with be bitchy, grumpy, moody, or bored. You feel responsible for it. This way, I will only be responsible for myself. And I think I may have sushi for lunch. 🙂