Moving to create change in my life

I just posted this to the boards in the Kitchen at I have a Secret. Thought I’d put it up here, too…

It’s strange to move… and it’s strange to live in one place. For me, anyhow. I’ve moved about 18 times in my life, and I’m 23 years old. I’m not used to staying in a place for long. Longest I lived anywhere was the farm outside of Iroquois, Ontario.
Well, I’ve lived in this particular apartment that I’m leaving behind for about 18 months now. That’s a long time for me. I wanted to move after one year here, because it’s too small.

I’m really hoping that the new place is a place I’ll be able to call home, a place where I’m not going to want to move again after a few months, a year, whatever… I’m tired of moving.

So why have I moved so many times? My mother used to do this – when things were too much to deal with in a place, we would move. When I wanted life to get better, I would run away and try to start over, and the same life would always follow me. Last time I ran away from a life, it didn’t follow me, and that was the second best move I ever made. (the first was when I left all of my belongings behind me on an bitterly cold January night, walking out on the ex-from-hell.)

So my reasons for moving used to always be to run away. Now, I’m not running away anymore, I’m just trying to build a home, and live my life. I can still feel some of the old expectations in the back of my head, when we move, things will be better and that sort of thing… but if you had lived in this cramped, tiny, dusty, uncomfortable space with another person and two cats for as long as I had, you’d think that too.

How many times have you moved? Do you stay for a while, or move along quickly? Are you searching, like me, to just be at home somewhere, or are you already there? Are you at home wherever you live, or would you rather travel? What motivates you to pack up your life?


  • rpgman

    July 24, 2000 at 8:25 pm

    Let’s see, 12, counting college apartments and one year in the dorm which maybe shouldn’t count. Leaving out four college apartments and the dorm thing brings me to 7. Then consider that several of those places were temporary and I’m down to 4. I hate the whole moving thing: packing, carrying, cleaning, unpacking, arranging – all of it.

    Home isn’t one place to me, home to me includes the places my family live. My grandmother is 89 and has lived in the same house since well before I was born. I spent a lot of time there as growing up and consider it’s an extension of my home. The same goes for my mom?s house but she has only lived there for 12 years. I have keys to both their houses and am welcome whenever I stop by.

    As for travel, as soon as I figured out how the AC and TV remote operate, I’m home and I sleep like a baby. Only thing I miss traveling is a kitchen.

  • magicwoman

    July 27, 2000 at 11:45 am

    Moving – Sigh!

    Let’s see – moving is a serious subject with me. My dad being in the military didn’t lend itself to stability in one place – while I was with the family we moved 9 times. Then after I was on my own – well, let’s say – the military moving never left my bloodstream. Always have had a restless spirit – always wanted to see what was around the corner – what was new – get bored so terribly easy – sigh. Anyway, on my own I have moved 29 times. I know what you mean by being in one place for a long time. This last place we (meaning both David and myself – he has a stabilizing effect on me – geez) have been in this apartment 3 years this September. But you know, if he said let’s move – I would be ready (but I always hate packing up stuff – that is the worst part of the move). Exotic places call my name . . .