The office is freezing this morning. My head still hurts, there’s a tender spot where the bump used to be. We find out today if we can move in early, according to the landlord. My current landlord called me last night to ask when we’re moving (I was napping on the couch at the time) so that he can get painters in to paint the place, and someone to tear up the carpeting and put new stuff down, and so on. I guess since I never asked him to do that, he didn’t really think about it. Ahh well, I’m moving very very soon.

The MSN chat is tonight at 9pm. I’ll post the url later… I don’t feel like looking for it right now.

Marigold Sleepover is in a few weeks… That should be fun. I’m worried, though, that I’ll feel like I did when I would do stuff with all ‘the girls’ back in school… completely out of place and unable to add to the conversation or activities or whatever. I’m trying not to worry about it too much. I’m sure it’ll be different.