My shoulders hurt. Nowhere near as much as Jay does, since he did a lot more lifting than I did – I mostly packed the whole time.

I sent the money order for my gizmo. It’ll probably be another 2 weeks at least before it arrives though. *sigh*

I found my birth certificate!! I needed it for the trip, to prove I’m Canadian & such when I come back, and in the move, I had no idea where it ended up. I finally found it last night.

As soon as I’m back, I’m going to take some photos of the new place. It’s so nice 🙂


  • eyean

    July 31, 2000 at 8:54 am

    merci mon dieu. i was so busy. i missed jennylee.

    i’m bad at rhymes. how are you?


    • Jenny Lee Silver

      August 1, 2000 at 6:12 am

      I’m in North Carolina… 🙂 I think I’m good.

      • eyean

        August 1, 2000 at 6:28 am

        hhhmmm… jobbie thing or en vacance? must be the time zone or it must be me… but i sure haven’t seen you around lately…

        it’s the swiss national holiday and the u.n. peons are working… augh… or should i say *fneu* i like it too…

        ciao ma amie

        • Jenny Lee Silver

          August 1, 2000 at 7:25 am

          jobbie thing. That whole promotion thingie sent me off to other countries. I’ve been busier lately, new jobstuff and such… work is actual real work now! 🙂


          • eyean

            August 2, 2000 at 2:03 am

            whoa. other countries, like when will you be sent off to europa?


          • Jenny Lee Silver

            August 2, 2000 at 7:03 am

            Heh… I think I’m in the wrong department to be able to go overseas, unfortunately. *sigh*

          • eyean

            August 3, 2000 at 12:56 am

            think happy thoughts… soon you will… =)