It’s freezing at work today. I got in and pulled on my sweater right away.

I got a reading done yesterday at the psychic fair. Sometime this week, I intend to record the tape of it onto my computer and compress it into an mp3, and type out a transcript of what he had to say. He was rather accurate, and not always in general ways. I’m listening to the tape right now… I’ve said maybe 1 sentence in the entire reading so far. I didn’t even have any questions for him or anything I wanted to focus on. Anyhow… it was interesting.

I also picked up a Sark book for inspiration type purposes: How to Free your Creative Spirit. Sark rocks. In fact, I’m going to add every single Sark book to my wishlist right now. Another set of books to put on the list of Survivor’s handbooks, right next to the Courage To Heal series and Reach for the Rainbow. The thing about the Sark books, though, is that they’re not really survivor-specific… they just have a whole lot of great things in them that survivors need to know.

I find out tonight about a possible new job. I’ve reached a point now where I really want it. A lot.

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  • Anonymous

    October 30, 2000 at 9:35 am

    good reading

    yeah, my sister has a couple of those Sark books. they’re very adorable and motivating at the same time. my favorite part about them is all the happy colours and drawings – really lifts my spirits in times of crisis!

    good luck and many claps towards tis new possible job info tonight! will be thinking about you!


    p.s. you discover a fresh career, I discover a concussion…. funny how the world works…. ow.