So… the guy I work with who left early on Friday is in a meeting today with the Human Resources person and our manager. There is a whole lot of misunderstanding, miscommunication, and personality conflicts happening here. I just don’t want to become part of it.

My eyes today are really bothering me. I keep looking away from my monitor hoping that they’ll stop stinging. It hasn’t worked yet.

I put black & white film in my camera this morning. That means I have another roll of colour film to be developed, and I have to take a roll of black & white pictures. I haven’t taken black & white pics since 1992 or so… Someday I want to get the photos made from those negatives, I have some good portraits of friends of mine from high school on it, and I never got them developed into pictures… I just got a contact sheet made.

Eyes still stinging.

We’re doing the gym tonight after work. That means I won’t be home until about 7pm or so.

I think I need a new picture for livejournal… now… what to pick…