Cam on, until I get bored of sitting at my computer… I may just sit around in the other side of the room or something. I don’t know… I’m full of food now. Thirsty, though. And Dayle is bugging me to pay attention to him.

I had a splendid idea this evening, although I probably won’t do it. Or maybe I will. I don’t know. I need a day off or something, a day for me, a day to just stay at home and be creative or something. That means a day by myself, though. Maybe when Jay’s working, I’ll take a ‘personal day’ and just spend a day at home, alone, doing stuff I want to do without interruption or having to interact with anyone. It’s been a rather long while since I have, and I’m starting to feel as though I really need that.

Tired. So very tired. No Rocky Horror, I just can’t drag my ass out of the apartment for anything now.

Had nachos with Monica (aka StrangeAngel) this evening, it was good to see her again. There’s not enough time for other people, and I hate to say it but I just don’t feel like there’s enough energy sometimes… Just so tired. But I’m glad I got together with her, it’s hard to keep in touch when everyone’s busy. Her computer is having issues, she’s spending her halloween trying to save it. *hugs* Monica…

Right at the end of the day today, I got a call from the people I work with down in the states – they wanted to tell us (Pete, John and I) that we had done a good job and they were going to use everything we put together for them. See? Things work much better when we have things to do. That still doesn’t make me want to stay.

Oh, and still no phone call. I hate waiting.


  • talashandy

    October 31, 2000 at 7:09 pm

    personally, I would call them. I get most of my jobs from calling people and not leaving them alone.

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      November 1, 2000 at 7:02 am

      I intend to do so tonight. I thought I’d give him a couple of days, then call wednesday. I’ve been harassing Jay to do the same, he hasn’t yet though.