Here I sit at reception. I think I may have accidentally put someone through to the wrong voicemail box… their extension number and voicemail box number weren’t the same (usually they are) and I didn’t notice until after I had put it through. Normally I don’t mess up like that, but occasionally it happens… it’s better when it happens with someone who doesn’t get upset with me about it, anyhow. I am, after all, just a relief receptionist.

They’re selling off some double cd’s here at work, and giving away a bunch of promo singles and stuff… I picked up some of the free promos, since I left all my cash in my other jeans on the floor in the bedroom at home. One of them I just picked up because it was purple and sparkly… when I listened to the song on it (six different mixes of the same song) it was a cheesy grrl-pop singer type of thing. Not my cup of tea, but the paper cover for it is nice and sparkly, and no one else here would have taken it anyhow.

Yes, I’m bored… and I can’t do much here, because the receptionist’s computer is really slow and needs a defrag or a new hard drive or something… it’s sick. So I’m just reading journals, checking email, checking Secret Boards, and writing in my livejournal. Yes, it’s true… I’m boring.

Oh, speaking of boring (nice segue, eh?) I’m doing a show tonight if anyone is going to be around to listen… that’s assuming no one else is casting when I get myself set up. I have no theme in mind, really… I’ll just play what I feel like playing, I guess. Unless I have some sort of epiphany between now and then, of course.