I have to do reception for half an hour today… that’s what our schedule has been changed to, I do reception for a half hour on Monday, then all the breaks on friday. I’ve been colour-coding an excel worksheet for the past few days… It’s a little more involved than that, but that’s basically what it comes down to. Excel and I aren’t very good friends, and whoever made this document and decided to put the entire thing into 6 point font is truly EVIL and probably has their computer set in 800×600 resolution, so when I look at it I have to lean in and squint. Blah… and there’s no way to re-sort a list by their colour coding. I hate microsoft.

So far, suggestions for my jobs have been Photographer (outdoor), Vocalist, and Surrogate mother. I’d be a bad surrogate mother, I don’t want to give up any children that I bear. Yes, I’m selfish. Photographers and vocalists don’t have jobs doing photography or vocalising, so I’m pretty much screwed that way. Oh, and I don’t like being around lots of bugs, and I have a feeling being a photographer for national geographic would mean being sent to many bug-filled places.

More suggestions? And if you have something to suggest like singing, then set me up with everything I need (like a paying recording session) first. 🙂