Heh… I don’t know if anyone listened to the mp3’s bleu made for me, cuz no one said if they did (other than the people in IRC who were around when I uploaded them.) *shrug* oh well, they’re still up at http://jennylee.warped.com/audio if you’d like to hear them. Silliness… I can’t listen to myself sing without any backing music. But I have no problem listening to myself talk.

I have an option, of sorts… Jay & I chatted a bit, and he wouldn’t have a problem with me taking a bit of time off to figure things out and find a new job. His new job is more than what I currently make, and I make enough for us to live off and have a bit of extra, so we should be fine with his income. All I know is that I despise what I’m doing and it’s draining me emotionally, mentally, and phsyically. Nothing is actually fun anymore that used to be. I’m bored with everything. I hate being bored.


  • Anonymous

    November 7, 2000 at 8:26 am

    go for it…you sound like you need a break…you’ve worked hard…take some time off, learn how to love life again, regenerate and then when your ready look for something you would enjoy doing…you’ll figure it out…good luck

  • mtbandit

    November 7, 2000 at 8:36 am

    I still sort of cringe when I hear my voice on my tapes from my radio show. I listen to them because they are pretty good mix tapes in general, but still…

    As soon as I get the tape deck back from the theatre (I needed a third deck to play the pre-show because the other two are busy running various effects), I will be ripping my radio shows to MP3, maybe clean up the glaring mistakes (like when I accidentally hit open on the CD that’s playing instead of the one that’s running), and posting them somewhere for download.

  • scottobear

    November 7, 2000 at 11:02 am


    I’m all about getting the mp3s tonight when I get home… how great!

    How nice that you have a survival option like that… give you a chance to look for something you’d like full-time, and not stress about work!