I did a career shift quiz on Monster.ca… this is how I scored.

Our analysis: “A Shift in the Wind”
Take a deep breath and review your options. It’s time for you to do some serious research, go on informational interviews and use this time to find the best work for you.

How important is your career?
A personal, even spiritual quest. The desire to do something you care deeply about is crucial when making a major life change, such as shifting careers.

How do you feel about your current job?
Burnout is a common complaint of people before they change careers. This maladjustment to your present job will help you take the initiative.

How do you feel about chaos and change?
Resilience is a key personality trait. The ability to cope with a personal upheaval, death, divorce, job loss, motherhood, is a sign that you will be able to weather the challenges of making a career change.

How adventurous would you say you are?
Adventurous. Seize the day, you only live once, these are the mantras of career shifters. They throw caution to the wind and proceed against all odds.

How aware are you of new opportunities and trends?
Intuitive sense of trends. Most career shifters are hyper-aware of what is going on around them and have an instinct for trends and new businesses.

How closely does your personality match your career?
A sense of self-awareness. Most career shifters know themselves so well that if their job doesn’t fit their personality and values, they have to find something else.

Is your work your life mission?
Passion. A common statement heard from career shifters is “I don’t want to go through life without accomplishing something.”