It’s a hazy grey morning in Toronto… I couldn’t see the top of most of the buildings on the way to work, 504 King car. I had a headache this morning (again, that’s 2 weeks now I’ve had a headache in the morning.) I got to work and took some advil, which I try to avoid doing a lot of times simply because I don’t want advil to stop working, the way tylenol did when I was a teenager. I’ve always had problems with headaches, though. I drank a bottle of water, too, that may help.

I’m statically charged today… almost everything I touch is giving me a shock. I think it’s the new boots that are doing it.

Devynia’s been haunting me lately…. I think it’s time I gave her a voice. I just need the energy to sit down and write, now…


  • Anonymous

    November 8, 2000 at 12:02 pm

    black as night…..

    would that perhaps be Gob you’re referring to? I know they did a cover for it.

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      November 8, 2000 at 12:10 pm

      Re: black as night…..

      Yep, that’s Gob… I couldn’t remember the name. 🙂 Thanks!