Had pizza for dinner, after yoga tonight. Healthy, am I. Cam is on.

Yoga was hard tonight, the teacher decided that since the same people had come back for the past few weeks, she would do things a bit quicker and a bit more difficult. I was fine for the most part… I got a cramp in my foot once, and worked it out, and then right at the end we were doing shoulder stands and my arm turned into a stabbing pain. Well, I quit the shoulder stand immediately (it was the last difficult pose we were doing anyhow,) and just sat there trying to massage my arm. It really hurt. After the other people in the class were done, she had us all do the lying down on our backs thing in the dark and just breathe, and she did reiki on my shoulder. It helped a whole lot, the pain just went away, and it felt really warm. Our Yoga teacher is the best.

I’m still recovering from doing all that harder stuff today, though.