Yesterday I went to Scarborough Town Centre (a mall) with Lori. She was looking for a board game and a gift for a baby, I just wanted to get my Clinique bonus from Sears. We stopped at a toy store, where I picked up the Star Wars Classic Trilogy Trivial Pursuit game (marked down from $80 to $30, couldn’t resist.) The mall was insanely busy… like christmas eve day busy. It was nuts. Anyhow… we wandered around the mall, and I stopped in at Electronics Boutique and picked up Escape from Monkey Island for Jay. He’s been playing it pretty much since I brought it home. I got my Clinique stuff… I love when the bonus is on, free stuff almost makes up for the extreme prices I pay for my face soap and moisturizer (the soap lasts me a year though, so it’s worth the 15$ I pay for it… I think… I’ll just call it treating myself.) Anyhow… I picked up a book at Indigo – book two of Anne McCaffrey’s Freedom series, since I finished book one on Friday.

I’ve realized that there is way too much noise on this end of the room, between my music and his game soundtrack.